Each body is different, so shouldn’t each knee replacement implant be different? The joint replacement team at Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists believes “yes,” and that’s why the Winthrop Medical Affiliates practice performs total knee replacements using OMNI APEX Robotic Technology™ to achieve the most accurate alignment.

This relatively quick and minimally invasive procedure involves building your individualized knee replacement on the computer-assisted navigation to plan the most accurate implant fit and position before your surgery even begins. As a result, 99% of these total knee replacement patients achieve the highest levels of post-operative knee alignment, meaning the accurate implant placement extends the implant’s life and improves its functionality – so you can get back on your feet with relative ease. No MRI or CAT scan is required, the bone is cut just one time, and the advanced software creates an individualized surgical plan for each and every patient – no one-size-fits-all implant.

OMNI Robotic surgery is one of the many treatments offered by the Winthrop Department of Orthopedics.

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